Neeraja Raghavan is the Founder-Director of ThinkingTeacher. She has a doctorate degree in Chemistry from Princeton University, USA and her last position was Professor at Azim Premji University. She worked with Azim Premji Foundation for almost eight years, mainly in the field of Science teacher education, pedagogy and curriculum development. She has taught in several mainstream as well as alternative schools in India and has been the Principal of a couple of schools. She developed an Alternative Middle School Science Curriculum for SHIKSHAMITRA, Kolkata, a school for slum children, in 2007. She also developed the Middle School Science Curriculum for THE SCHOOL, Krishnamurti Foundation India, Chennai in March-May 2006, so as to suit their unique needs and ethos.  Her research interests currently focus on teacher development through reflective practice.

Her publications include:

  1. A LEARNING COMMUNITY OF REFLECTIVE TEACHERS From Whispers to Resonance (Routledge 2024)
  2. THE REFLECTIVE LEARNER Seeing ‘Missed Takes’ in Mistakes (Notion Press, 2019)
  3. TEACHING TALES LEARNING TRAILS Co-authored with Vineeta Sood and Kamala Anilkumar (Notion Press, 2018)
  4. THE REFLECTIVE TEACHER, with contributing editor Vineeta Sood (Orient Blackswan, 2015)
  5. Co-edited Alternative Schooling in India (SAGE Publications, 2007) with Sarojini Vittachi
  6. Co-edited CHILDHOOD REGAINED, a book on children rescued from child labour, brought out by HAND IN HAND, Tamil Nadu, in 2007.
  7. CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER (Full Circle, 2003), I WONDER WHY (Children’s Book Trust, 2004), and I WONDER HOW (Children’s Book Trust, 2006).

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vineetaVineeta Sood is Associate Director of Thinking Teacher. She has an M. Phil in Zoology and an M.Ed. Her main interest is in the human aspect of education with a focus on the development of the child, the teacher and the parents as human beings. Vineeta has worked in the field of alternative education for many years, developing environments which empower the learners as well as curricula which facilitate self-directed learning. Presently she is working with Swaraj University, Udaipur as a visiting facilitator for the young adults and with Shibumi, an alternative school in Bangalore, where she is developing an enabling environment and curriculum for the primary school and also a part of the team to implement the program.

Another area she feels passionate about is human relationships at work place. She facilitates self-exploration vis-à-vis group dynamics to understand our own role in forming healthy groups with free and healthy relationships.

She coauthored TEACHING TALES, LEARNING TRAILS (Notion Press 2018) (with Neeraja Raghavan and Kamala Anilkumar) and she was the contributing editor to THE REFLECTIVE TEACHER, By Neeraja Raghavan (Orient Blackswan, 2015)

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KamalaKamala Anilkumar is Senior Resource Person & Facilitator at ThinkingTeacher. With over three decades’ experience in teaching young children (between 2 and a half years to ten years of age), her expertise goes beyond early childhood learning to also encompass Educational Leadership & Management. She has been a Master Facilitator & Senior Project Associate in Efil Educational Services, in the latter domain. Having taught in schools like Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Besant Arundale School (Kalakshetra) and The School, Krishnamurti Foundation India (Chennai), she has been exposed to different styles of teaching. She coauthored TEACHING TALES, LEARNING TRAILS (Notion Press 2018) (with Neeraja Raghavan and Vineeta Sood). She currently works out of Mysore.

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