Dr. Neeraja and her team came to Taktse in the spring of 2015 to do an Action Research teacher training, a Science workshop for teachers and a review/evaluation of Taktse. It was absolutely fantastic having them. The professional development she gave us was amongst the best we have experienced. I have found such human resources very rare and feel they must be shared with other educators in the region, especially those interested in cultivating reflective teachers! TAKTSE logo

  • Peter Phuntsok Lauenstein-Denjongpa, Principal, TAKTSE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Sikkim (www.taktse.org)


On the whole, I am very positive about the way the teachers have responded to the Action Research. What I liked is the way in which they have been mentored in such an empathetic manner so that they were free to grow at their own pace. What I find very valuable about this process, is the space the teachers are given to find their own meaning in their work and to see what works best for them. This is because the process and you, Neeraja, give them the opportunity to find out what is going wrong for them. Once they come up with an answer, then they themselves know how they need to go forward. This insight which comes out of their looking at themselves (their functioning, and their own unique internal ‘design’) when it does come, would be a very deep one and very powerful in its impact. I am very clear that though the results will be encouraging, and in some cases, they may take a while, (the results) are not as important as the learning process the teachers go through.PGS logo

  • Sunanda Ali, Principal, THE PEEPAL GROVE SCHOOL, Andhra Pradesh (www.peepalgroveschool.org)


Teachers found a genuine and non-evaluative platform to validate, articulate and sharpen their focus of work in their respective area of concern. Very often they brought in visible interventions and had a sense of ownership. It is a good investment in the teachers and the system.

  • Sudha Ravi, Primary School Coordinator, PRAKRIYA GREEN WISDOM SCHOOL (www.prakriyaschool.com)Prakriya Green wisdom school


Reproduced with permission from Azim Premji Foundation. Featuring teachers of Azim Premji School, Dineshpur, Uttarakhand.

“Before doing Action Research, I would focus primarily on covering the syllabus. After doing Action Research, I realize that it is far more important to see if each student has understood, rather than to just focus on covering the syllabus.”
Teacher with 17-years’ experience.

“Formerly, I was just a teacher. Now, I have also become a learner.”
Teacher with five years’ experience.

Reproduced with permission from Azim Premji Foundation. Featuring teachers of Azim Premji School, Dineshpur, Uttarakhand.

“Children have started making connections between similar-sounding words or similar sounds in different words. They show increased levels of self-confidence. Children also started sharing if they didn’t enjoy the class and began giving suggestions as to what they would like to do.”
Teacher with three years’ experience.