The Reflective Learner

Why do students make mistakes?

Is there a way of exploring their work beyond just ‘right’ and ‘wrong’?

What is the hidden takeaway (missed take) in every mistake, for a student as well as a teacher?

New Course offering: Revolving Mirrors

A course that nurtures the reflective practitioner in the in-service teacher.

Each teacher will develop his/her own educational toolkit containing executable ideas emerging from insights gained during the course, for implementation thereafter.

Teaching Tales, Learning Trails

This is a set of ten stories based largely on events that actually unfolded – ‘fictionalised fact’ – followed by rich discussions between groups of stakeholders, as they reflect on the questions raised by these stories.

The Reflective Teacher

A new book published by the founders of Thinking Teacher is now available. Teachers with varying lengths of experience took a fresh look at their teaching practices, examined and identified specific problems that they faced – and succeeded in addressing many of these problems.

Helping teachers take control of their own growth...

we aim to create a network of reflective teachers who seek each other’s views on a range of issues that pertain to teaching and learning.

Our Programs

Action-reflection workshop

TWO DAYS, with an option of seeking further assistance on an ongoing basis.

Emergence of the reflective practitioner from within the in-service teacher

YEAR-LONG Programme

About us

What we do

At Thinking Teacher, we believe that TEACHERS CAN TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR OWN GROWTH. We base our belief on something that has been shown to work…ACTION RESEARCH. And this is our way of empowering a teacher to be a reflective practitioner.


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The Reflective Practitioner

Based on the pioneering work of Donald A Schön ( The Reflective Practitioner, 1983 and Educating the Reflective Practitioner, 1986), Thinking Teacher works to take forward Schön’s argument for a new epistemology of practice in the field of teaching.


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Our Vision

At Thinking Teacher, we aim to create a network of reflective teachers who seek each other’s views on a range of issues that pertain to teaching and learning. We strive to awaken the reflective practitioner from within each teacher in a school.


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 “Before doing Action Research, I would focus primarily on covering the syllabus. After doing Action Research, I realize that it is far more important to see if each student has understood, rather than to just focus on covering the syllabus.”

~Teacher with 17-years’ experience.

 “Formerly, I was just a teacher. Now, I have also become a learner.”

~Teacher with five years’ experience.

“Children have started making connections between similar-sounding words or similar sounds in different words. They show increased levels of self-confidence. Children also started sharing if they didn’t enjoy the class and began giving suggestions as to what they would like to do.”

~Teacher with three years’ experience.

(Videos reproduced with permission from Azim Premji Foundation. Featuring teachers of Azim Premji School, Dineshpur, Uttarakhand.)