The Reflective Teacher : Case Studies of Action Research


A new book published by the founders of Thinking Teacher is now available. It was launched in Delhi and Bangalore in December 2015.

This book describes the action research undertaken by some of the teachers at the Azim Premji School in Dineshpur, Uttarakhand, guided by facilitators from the Azim Premji Foundation. Teachers with varying lengths of experience took a fresh look at their teaching practices, examined and identified specific problems that they faced – and succeeded in addressing many of these problems.

Consisting of teachers’ documentation of their action research, classroom observations and facilitators’ notes, the book also carries analyses of the case studies against the backdrop of the research of pioneers such as John Dewey and Donald Schon. It can enable the emergence of the reflective practitioner from other teachers and empower them to channelize this reflection into action – by continuously re-examining their own teaching practices.

Reviewers’ comments

“I enjoyed it and learned from it. You have given me new directions to explore. This is one of the highest compliments I can provide.”
– Prof Arthur Eisenkraft, Distinguished Professor of Science Education, Professor of Physics, Director, Center of Science and Math in Context (COSMIC)

“This is a herculean task! I see this as an unprecedented work in India. It was a pleasure reviewing it.”
– Dr S Rajashree, Associate Professor, Azim Premji University, Bangalore

“This book comes as a fountain of inspiration for all educators. It narrates the amazing journey of how young teachers surmount ‘learning’ difficulties in the classroom. True winners that will steal your breath away!”
– Dr Maria Athaide, Education Consultant, Mumbai

“Enjoyed reading every bit of it. Very intense and painstaking research, done in a most empowering way for the teachers involved.”
– G Gautama, Director – secretary, Palar Centre for Learning (Krishnamurti Foundation India (Pathashaala, Outreach & Study Centre)

To purchase the book in India, click here. To purchase it internationally, click here.