What we do

Teachers can learn how to use a simple framework that will empower them to: identify, address, & reflect upon day-to-day issues that crop up in their classrooms.

Programmes currently on offer are:


Action-reflection workshop: ONE DAY, with an option of seeking further assistance on an ongoing basis. Teachers will:

  • Be led through the methodology of Action Research through case studies
  • Get acquainted with basic literature on the subject
  • Identify researchable problems in their own classrooms and
  • Brainstorm on strategies that can help address these problems

Emergence of the reflective practitioner from within the in-service teacher: FOUR-TO-SEVEN MONTH long Programme

Teachers will be facilitated through one complete Action Research Cycle so as to set them on their feet for further research and reflection.
Investment of time by teachers: Three days a month, for a year, including – if needed – periodic classroom observations by facilitator.

Intended outcomes:
For the school – Greater reflection and vibrancy in the ambience

For the teachers –

  • They will become more acutely aware of their own learning needs and could even begin to look for ways of addressing them.
  • They may begin to seek out feedback from peers, trusted seniors and even parents of their students.
  • They can gain insights as their own teaching-learning practices open up.

What will teachers do?
Teachers will learn how to use a simple framework that will empower them to:

  • Identify, address, & reflect upon day-to-day issues that crop up in their classrooms.
  • Interweave the Action Research into their day-to-day work, enriching their teaching practice as they do so.

Teachers will not need to spend extra time outside their classes for this Action Research.

What are the likely dangers even for a seasoned teacher?

Below is a short video that throws some light on this:


Mistakes or Missed takes? A ONE DAY workshop that sensitizes teachers to explore the pathways (offered by each student’s mistakes) as leading into the workings of that student’s own mind

Emergence of the reflective learner from within the studentFOUR-TO-SEVEN MONTH long Programme

Intended outcomes:

For the teacher: Greater rigour in classroom transactions, with possibilities of removing struggle from struggling students

For the student: Movement towards learner autonomy

For the school:  Richer teaching-learning processes; Possibility of publication of the teacher’s work in THINKING TEACHER’s forthcoming book titled THE REFLECTIVE LEARNER

Other workshops being offered are –

(1) Facilitating Conceptual Change in Science Teachers (Two-day workshop) – see Paper from Final Proceedings for  a paper presented by Neeraja Raghavan at NEW PERSPECTIVES IN SCIENCE EDUCATION (2013, Florence, Italy), for the description of an outcome from one such workshop

(2) What is Science? (Two-day Workshop) for Primary and Middle School Science teachers

(3) THINKING FAST AND SLOW (One-day workshop): based on Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s book by the same name, this workshop evokes meta-cognition. It is a good prelude to the REFLECTIVE LEARNER programme described above.