The Reflective Learner : Seeing ‘Missed Takes’ in Mistakes

Why do students make mistakes?

Is there a way of exploring their work beyond just ‘right’ and ‘wrong’?

What is the hidden takeaway (missed take) in every mistake, for a student as well as a teacher?

When a student can begin to discern typical error patterns and lacunae in study skills, dependence on a teacher or parent automatically decreases. Slowly, the phobia for a subject is replaced by a desire to look for stimulating challenge – as happened to the students described in this book.

Here, you will find four accounts of teachers who examined such questions and effected a turnaround in the way that their ‘struggling’ students began to approach subjects like English and Mathematics.

And if – as a teacher or parent – you wish to adopt some of the methods described here, you will find clear guidelines for that, too! Enjoy turning the mistakes into missed takes!

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