The Reflective Learner


Review in the Azim Premji University Learning Curve
April 2020
The book presents case studies of action research undertaken by two English teachers and two Math teachers and presents details of their explorations and findings in a lively and relatable manner. Each teacher’s work is narrated in a separate chapter. While the work of three teachers is narrated by Neeraja Raghavan, one of the teachers, Kanchana, has written about her work in the form of a research study. These four chapters are preceded by an introductory chapter that lays out the context and backdrop. A concluding chapter follows the four narratives and serves to offer a ‘bird’s eye view of the entire process.
A Deep-Dive Into Reflective Learning Strategies In Classrooms From ‘The Reflective Learner’
April 2020
The experiments begin with identifying a bunch of students in their class struggling with core concepts and then designing a set of exercises with the whole class to draw these students to the awareness of their mistakes. Each chapter has sections talking about the planning and the execution stages of the strategies, the exercises planned, the adjustments and refinements to the exercises warranted during the entire run- with pictures included, before and after the learning experiments. Sections are also dedicated to the sample research environment, sample group,  time management, and students’ feedback.
Review in the New Leam
March 2020
An engaging compilation of distinct pedagogic efforts towards revisiting ‘mistakes’ and redefining them as stepping stones for growth and betterment.
Paying heed to the child’s needs
Teacher Plus, March 2020
The Reflective Learner presents the work of four teachers who have helped their struggling students become reflective learners and grow out of the ‘misconceptions’ and ‘under confidence’ they were trapped in. In the process these teachers also reflected on their methods of teaching and improved their practice.
Review by fellows of the Bhoomi Holistic Education Programme 2020
This book is based on the journey of four teachers using the reflective learning method. The methodology builds the onus in the child, makes them aware of their mistakes, initiates them to take responsibility for their mistakes. There are multiple case studies presented in this book which have a huge underlying basis in psychology. It tries to understand what’s going on in children’s minds and, at the same time, how a teacher argues with his/her own set of assumptions and prejudices. It shows that a teacher is also learning constantly.
Mistakes Make Learning Possible. So, It’s Time To Re-Assess How We View Them And Lessen The Shameful Burden They Carry
February 2020
According to the author, “most often students feel lonely and trapped when experiencing difficulties. They don’t know how to articulate the nature of these difficulties, let alone correcting them. And to top this, of course, are the typically shameful burdens of being branded ‘poor performer,’ ‘low achiever,’ ‘not up to the mark,’ etc.”
Review by a School Principal
December 2019
I am going to adapt a lot of these practices into our school, the moment I go back to school. I would like to congratulate the teachers who have taken up the action research and gone out of their way. I have immense respect for the school heads that they are working for-for accommodating them and giving them flexibility in their work – not many school can do this.