Teaching Tales, Learning Trails


Book review by a publisher, Pademelon Press
February 2019
Teaching Tales Learning Trails is an expression of the voices of a variety of stakeholders and their responses. I love the teachers’ stories about teaching. The passion and dedication they have for their craft and students is obvious in their tales. So much thought and detailed consideration has gone in to so many teachable moments and outcomes. The discussion that follows in the second part of the book is the community interaction. It is social justice in action as all voices are heard and given space. Together, those two parts are a celebration of really good pedagogical practice and learning outcomes are prioritised to the benefit of the community.
Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools
January 2019
This is an unusual book – with snapshots of experiences of people, students, teachers and parents, in school, out of school and with themselves – that takes the reader on an enquiry into everyday issues of teaching, learning, schooling and more.
Book Extracts and Review in ParentEdge January-February 2019
January – February, 2019
A book for everyone who loves children….even the ones who sometimes lurk in adults. Presented as a collection of stories related to the field of education, the book gave me lots to ponder over. But as a parent, what the book gave me was priceless; different perspectives.
Why Can’t The Teacher And Parent See Eye To Eye?
December 28, 2018
The book has been a revelation. It’s raised some crucial questions for me that have made me rethink as to how I would like to parent my child with respect to her academics. I strongly believe it’s a must read for every parent and teacher who really wants to be mindful about making learning a fun experience. After all, for parents and teachers, understanding the mutual constraints and working together is in the child’s best interests.
Teaching Tales Learning Trails: The Book For Everyone Who Has A Stake In Education
December 20, 2018
What stands out in these parts is the book’s wonderful attempt to illuminate the complex world of pedagogy, putting across the meta-analysis of hundreds of studies on cognition and learning into everyday learning and teaching context.
Review by renowned educationist Dr. S Anandalakshmy
December 12, 2018
The contribution of this book to the available tomes on education is unique. It presents many of the issues that arise in any school: the expected focus on examinations, methods of corrections of student assignments, inevitable staff meetings, inclusion in the classroom of children with special needs, the Principal’s role in mentoring the teachers, supporting the talents and interests of all students and so on.
Books for parents
Parentedge, November – December, 2018
This book is a must-read for parents interested and involved in their child’s education.
A treasure trove of amazing tales
November 1, 2018
This book has an amazing collection of stories! Most of the stories have been woven from true experiences and are beautifully written, interesting and insightful. Each story is unique, a masterpiece in itself, with an important takeaway for the reader.
The Process of Teaching and Learning: The mistakes one makes!
October 27, 2018
Teaching Tales Learning Trails takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the hustle-bustle in the classroom to the dilemmas in the teacher’s mind. The stories in the book are sure to encourage a thought provoking debate on the altering contours of education and the practice of teaching-learning in our classrooms.
Book Review: Teaching Tales, Learning Trails
October 18, 2018
Teaching Tales, Learning Trails is a treasure of wisdom for people working in education space. It contains experiences of teachers conveyed as stories, which make it a very engrossing read. The way the stories are written, one is able to visualize the events in mind.