Week Three: THINK, LEARN & DO

Welcome to Week 3 of THINK, LEARN & DO!
Thank you for all your lovely responses!
We hope you liked our responses to your lovely ideas!
Now, here are this week’s teasers:
THINKER 4: Read the story below titled IS WATER REALLY BLUE? : Is water really blue

Can you help Max with the questions that he is asking in the story?
And can you add your own questions too, to his?

DOER 4: Watch a short film below (Source: YOUTUBE Saarthak Goel) and then answer the questions below it:

to watch .
 How can you make soap bubbles that are very large and that last long?
 Take your time. Do as many trials as you can.
 Send in pictures of the largest bubbles that you managed to make.
 Describe with detailed steps how you succeeded in making such large bubbles.
 Finally, list out all the questions that came to your mind as you did this activity. Have fun!